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Osvaldo Viberti

Our Story

Back in the early Nineties, Osvaldo Viberti decided to take on the farm which was an heritage from his grandparents Assunta and Tistin. A decision taken after seeing again an old picture in which three generations were spot working together in the family's cellar, in Serra dei Turchi.

Nowadays Osvaldo leads his farm, with the valuable help of his wife Carla and their sons Anna and Paolo. A family who is so strongly passionate about making excellent wines, as their ancestors were.

About ten hectars of vineyards are part of the farm, mainly cultivated with Nebbiolo vines (about 4.3), Barbera vines (about 3), Langhe Nebbiolo vines (about 0.7), Dolcetto vines (about 1) and Nascetta vines (about 1).

The winemaker Sergio Molino supports Osvaldo with his valuable advices. They both know well how many factors are involved in the process of producing excellent wines. Climate, ground composition, location of the vineyards, all the care to be taken until a perfect ripeness of the grapes, a lot of care and selection of the best grapes, the cellar-works. And last, but not least, a passion about quality wines.

«In 1993 I entered with great enthusiasm into the wine business, carrying on a project started by my grandparents Battistin and Assunta, and my parents Gino and Marisa.

I’ve spent my childhood in close contact with the agricultural world, learning a lot from my grandparents, through their actions and words, season after season, discovering many wonders of the animal and vegetal realms. I experienced since then, all the efforts, love and devotion, required in being a good farmer.

Many pictures of that times show myself as a child, hand in hand with my beloved grandfather. I used to stubbornly follow him everywhere. One of those pictures, whose I’m particularly fond of, was taken in our small cellar in vintage time and portraits my grandfather, my dad and I when I was ten years old. We were working all together, pressing grapes with an old hand-operated machine which was squeaking.

My grandpa kept this picture with great care in a booklet of prayers, and I have found it again many years after his death, when I was grown up and my hands were alike his hands. Meanwhile, my love for earth was grown, as a seed sprouted silently, and was driving my choices. To find myself a vine dresser was a logic consequence of a long process started many years before.

I’m happy and enthusiastic about my choices. I feel privileged thanks to my job, which is wearing and absorbing at the same time. I live in this magnificent region, the Langhe, and that’s a great gift, given to me by the past generations.

One day my sons will take the same heritage, if they’ll like. Nowadays, like me, they enjoy extraordinary experiences in touch with nature. They can follow the lifecycle of the vines, season after season. The early sprouts in springtime, the blooming summertime, the ripening of the grapes. And the vintage fest, the magic of the wine-making process, while the autumn melts in wonderful colors.

And the fall, at the early winter cold. The winter rest, almost an apparent death.

And, then again, life.»

Osvaldo Viberti

"Serra dei Turchi"

“Serra dei Turchi” is part of a hill which extends from Bricco di San Biagio towards Alba. Its eastern side benefits from very good climate conditions, similar to those which could be found in a glasshouse. The place owes its name to a colony of Saracens soldiers which settled down in this area during the Middle Ages.